Our Mission


Our mission here is two-fold. Not only does this database provide us with a detailed, organized collection of our findings... but it is also the springboard to our future work together as a community. We want to know what you found, how it happened, and under what circumstances. This database will give us the clues we need to further our research in this field, to begin our journey as a respected and recognized scientific community of investigators, and to decide what path to take in the future. We need your help, your passion, and your dedication... We know it calls to you just like it does to us.

The pale fabric of reality has so many hidden pockets that we can find some change in here somewhere - you just have to dig a little deeper to avoid the chewing gum and past mistakes - Corey Taylor



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M.G.H. Paranormal society

A group of seasoned paranormal investigators from Gloucester, Massachusetts and co-founders of the paranormal database. To contact and view information on M.G.H. Paranormal events visit their website for all information