Dave Schumacher

Dave has been seriously investigating and researching the paranormal for more than twenty years. He ran his own paranormal investigation group for many years before joining the Paranormal Research Group (PRG) in 2004. He serves as the Science & Technology Advisor for the PRG and the Director of the Anomalous Research Department, the research unit of the PRG. In 2014, Dave became a Senior Researcher with the Trans Anomalies Research team, an international team of researchers.

Dave has taught paranormal educations classes at various colleges and universities and given paranormal presentations at libraries, historical societies, colleges and universities.

Dave has co-authored two books - Investigating the Haunted – Ghost Hunting Taken to the Next Level and You’ve Got Ghosts – Haunted Tales from the Inbox. He also has six published articles in various paranormal trade publications, three articles published in peer-reviewed journals and one publication in review in a peer-reviewed journal.

Dave has appeared in one full feature film, The Ghosts of Door County, one instructional video, three documentaries and has been interviewed for various TV and radio shows and newspaper articles.

Dave’s current research interests include: review, analysis and publication of various environmental, audio, video and participant experience data from the reportedly haunted ‘living lab’ location in Janesville, Wisconsin; studying mind – matter interactions (aka psychokinesis); studying how various locations, situations and psychophysical variables affect external random physical systems; exploring the role of different emotions and their influence on the environment and external random physical systems; exploring the role of transliminality and paranormal belief in having subjective and/or objective experiences at reportedly haunted locations; and exploring the impact of paranormal TV shows on the field of parapsychology.